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Join us on a journey through history and enjoy the unique cultural landscape of the Rhine Valley. Experience the nature and romance of the Rhine in its most beautiful form. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere on board our vessels and dive in peace and serenity.

Join us on a journey through history

Panoramic trip to the Loreley

Come and get inspired by the myth and enigma that Loreley is wrapped in. Legends and tales has been spun for generations around the unpredictable currents and nature of the Rhine valley. Enjoy the originally landscapes along our tour to discover the cliffs of Loreley.

Castle trip to Rüdesheim

Discover the most unique place on earth based on the density and diversity of medieval buildings along the Rhine. Take the chance to discover one of the most beautiful castles in Rüdesheim with us.

Exciting trip to Koblenz

History and economy has formed one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the Rhine valley. In the cozy old town you can get a glimpse on the history of the city as one of the most fought over places in Rhineland palatinate.

Experience the fascination of the Rhine

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